Brother Muhammad’s birthday

On the 5th of April, it was the late Professor Muhammad Al Mahdi’s birthday. He was the founder of Khalifah Institute. My family and I were very close to Brother Muhammad. He died on the 29th of April 2006.

He also wrote a lot of books. He taught us about how to be a good Khalifah of Allah. The three responsibilities of a Khalifah of Allah are, first – ‘make myself good’, second – ‘help others become good’ and third – ‘make the physical world clean and beautiful’.

One of the important things that Brother Muhammad taught me is about the inner speech. The inner speech are about what we ‘talk’ to ourselves, our feelings, intuition and our thoughts. Brother Muhammad also taught us about empty fun.

Brother Muhammad loved chilli con carne very much and he was the one who introduced our family to the Tex-Mexican tasty food. After leaving the United States of America for a long time he had been carving for his favourite food. He once told my mother that chilli con carne is the only thing that he missed about America and how he wished to eat the real Tex-American chilli con carne. That made my mother very sad and decided to cook it for him. After tasting the chilli, Brother Muhammad said that my mother’s chili is the best chili con carne out of Texas.. and the second best in the world!

He was a very good and loving person and I really miss Brother Muhammad very much and his kind words. I am very sad that he died.

2 thoughts on “Brother Muhammad’s birthday”

  1. Dear Aeshah,

    Yes, I really miss Brother Muhammad too. May Allah bless his soul.

    But have you ever wondered… who cooks the best chili con carne on Earth?


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