A Map of Trengganu

The sequel to the best seller, ‘Growing Up in Trengganu’ (GUiT) is finally out! The tittle of the new book is ‘A Map of Trengganu’. Both books were written by Awang Goneng.

In this new book, Uncle Awang Goneng wrote about the lovely town of Kuala Trengganu that had once existed and its people.  The book also talks about the landmarks that are still standing and those that had fallen to rubble at the hands of developers like the Jang Besör (Jam Besar – The Big Clock), the mosque near my mother’s house and the rows of shop houses in Kedai Payang.

Uncle Awang Goneng’s new book is as interesting and fun as its prequel (GUiT). “A beautiful book, very well written”,  praised Frederick Lees the author of Fool’s Gold, The Arthuriad, The Rape of Rye and many other books.

The first shipment had just arrived in Kuala Lumpur, and those few who received their copies from the Pizzaman yesterday, are the lucky few to be among the first to have the book in their hand in the WORLD!

The books had just arrived from Singapore, so there’s a big possibility that they have not reached the bookshops yet but if you really can’t wait to read it or to save you the trouble of searching for the book, you can order a copy from the Pizzaman by; call/sms 019-3199-788 or email at akarimomar@yahoo.com. The Pizzaman can send it straight to your doorsteps. So hurry and order your copy now!

Information on the delivery from the Pizzaman’s blog:

RM35.90 a copy

Minimal delivery charges may apply (that is to for my petrol and of course save you on the time, parking and petrol too)

Those who still wants the GUiT – yes still available. Same price still RM39.90

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