Why are Palm Trees Beautiful?

Beautiful Palm Trees by the beach


Linnaeus classified palm trees in the order ‘principes’ which means monarchs. Their trunks usually grow up vertically and they have no branches. Palm trees are beautiful because they look tall and majestic with leaves grown in a shape of a crown on top of their trunks. 

Tall and Majestic Palm Trees

 Palm’s trunk may come in striking colours, as in lacquer or lipstick palm. Their leaves also come in different shapes of crown, some with dead leaves forming a skirt under the crown as the once that grow in Arizona and North California. Even their fruits can be a beautiful bouqet as in Sugar Palm.

A Sugar Palm Tree

 The beautiful palm trees had also inspired the Dubai to make the man-made palm tree islands. They are The Palm, Jebel Ali; The Palm, Jumeirah and The Palm, Deira.

The Palm Tree Islands in Dubai: (from left) Jebel Ali, Jumeirah and Deira


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