Fun At Scienceplus Activity Centre

On the 17th March 2010, I attended the ‘opening free class’ at the Scienceplus Activity Centre. The centre is located somewhere around Jalan Ukay Perdana. The theme of the program is: Allah created the Amazing Water for us. I met lots of my old friends there and made new friends.

The program started at 9.00 a.m. We were divided into groups and levels according to our ages. I was in level 3. My group mate’s name was Mariem. I’ve never met her before but she’s a very good friend.

Our first experiment was about universal solvent. I learned a lot. Some of them is The factors affecting solubility. They are:

  1. Type of Solute
  2. Temperature
  3. Surface area
  4. Stirring

At 10.15 a.m., we went down for a morning break. There were sandwiches, curry puffs and Milo. I only ate a piece of sandwich. I shared a table with Mariem and some of my old friends. I also sat with my big sister.

We went back to the room for experiment2. It was about separating mixture. The methods for cleaning water are:

  • Filtration
  • Evaporation
  • Distillation

When we were all done, we need to do a group presentation. My group presented about separating mixture by using evaporation. Before going down for lunch, I had a turn playing with a remote control robot that can pick things up. It belongs to Shahmi (a good friend of mine).

For lunch we had chicken rice and syrup. It was a wonderful day and I really enjoyed the program.

2 thoughts on “Fun At Scienceplus Activity Centre”

  1. Dear Sissy,

    Yeah, that was a great day. I did experiments on density with Amir and got most of the results wrong. We puzzled Aunty Zz a bit when she saw our results :D.

    But I did learned a lot that day. It was such fun.

    Btw, are you ready for our silat grading? It’s just 2 days away. We’d better start revising…

    Kaman 😀


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