There are many species of butterflies. There are Blue Morpho Butterfly, American Snout Butterfly, Peacock Butterfly and a lot more. Each butterfly has two pairs of colourful wings, six legs and a pair of antenna.

The life cycle of a butterfly

The life cycle of a butterfly begins when a butterfly lays a lot of her eggs under a leaf to protect the eggs from danger and to protect their species from extinction.

Caterpillars' Body

When the eggs hatch, caterpillars will come out. Caterpillars are herbivore. They only eat leaves. Some caterpillars have hair on them and most caterpillars have poison on them to protect themselves from danger.




Then, the caterpillar will wrap themselves tightly into a pupa or chrysalis.

After waiting for a few weeks they take out their skin and turns out into a beautiful butterfly with colourful wings. Later, the butterfly lays eggs and the life cycle goes all over and over again.

Click here to find out more about butterflies.

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