Why are there double “L”s ?

If you open the Google’s website below is what you’ll see:



Because it’s Google‘s 11th Birthday! And now I know that I’m older than Google. I’m still 11 and will turn 12 this November 6th .

How Did I Know About It.

At first I switched on the laptop and as usual Google‘s website will pop up first as Google is my homepage. But when I look I was surprised to see that there was double “l”s. I thought something has gone wrong with my eye but when I look again, I realized that there was really double “l”s. So I coursed my mouse to the “Googlle” and it says there: … Google‘s 11th birthday. I was so excited that I went and asked my sister  to switch on the Google and my sister was surprised too. And then I told her about it. Immediately after I told my sister, I post about it here. And that was exactly what had happen.

3 thoughts on “Why are there double “L”s ?”

  1. Dear sissy,

    Yeah, I was surprised and I thought that it was some kind of technical problem but your suspicious smile told me to hover my mouse over the picture. And one more thing… you didn’t tell me why I found out myself. You only told me to turn it on…


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