The Writing Minds

This morning,  there was a program called ‘The Writing Minds’ at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). It started early in the morning. I estimated that there was about 15 to staffs at the program. Unfortunately, my family and I came late. We arrived at 2.00p.m. Even though I came late, I learned a lot.

In the program, Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi (known as Awang Goneng) thought about how to write. One of the things he thought was the definition of -Palindrome which means: A word that sound the same when you read it in both ways.                                                                                                                          He also gave us 10 good tips on how to write. It is to:

  1. Always lead a sentence with your main ideas.
  2. Vally the length of your sentence.
  3. Never put your main idea in the middle.
  4. Vally the structure of your sentence.
  5. Use active verbs.
  6. Use specific nouns and verbs.
  7. Cut the clutter.
  8. Read aloud when you revise.
  9. Do not edit your work directly after you write your (Article, Post, Story, etc.).
  10. Use a dictionary.

* If you don’t understand the tips you can ask in a form of comment.

There was one thing that Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi always reminded us, it is to NEVER BE SCARED TO USE A DICTIONARY EVEN THOUGH OU THINK THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD.

After the program ended, I went to Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi to ask for his signature and wrote a little message in my autograph, followed by my elder sister, my little brother and my little sister. I really enjoyed the program. I also learned a lot even though I came late, but I wished I had came earlier so that I can learn even more then what I had learned. I really wished I had came earlier. I hope Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi can come again to Malaysia as he now lives in London. He had once returned to his hometown at Terengganu on the 25th of of December 2007 when he organized a program called Monsoon Cuppa at my grandmother’s shop ‘Alam Akademik’ as he launched his book, ‘Growing Up In Trengganu’. Thanks for the knowledge Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi. I hope I can use them in the future.Click here to go to Uncle Wan A. Hulaimi’s blog.


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