My Granduncle Was ‘Segok’ By A Cow

Yesterday morning, my granduncle (my father’s uncle) was “segok” by a female cow. “Segok” (in Terengganuspeak) means hit using the head.

TokTeh-kaitkelapaI call my granduncle, Tok Teh was segok by the cow because Tok Teh wanted to take the female cow’s newly born calf to his orchard (next to his house compound). The female (mother) cow thought Tok Teh wanted to hurt the calf. That is why the female cow “segok” Tok Teh.

Tok Teh is now warded in the hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah in Kuala Terengganu. His face, eyes, ears  and some parts at the body were injured.

Last week, when we went back to Terengganu we visited Tok Teh. He plucked some young coconuts for us to have juicy and sweet coconut drink.

*Note to my fellow readers:  mammals are really sensitive when you disturbed their babies….( especially stray/wild ones )…

2 thoughts on “My Granduncle Was ‘Segok’ By A Cow”

  1. Hey, ya i think that has to be something, not like me just sitting at home doing my homework. Ha,ha,ha……


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