Global warming

Do you know what is the ozone layer, global warming and ultra violet rays? The ozone is one of the layers in the atmosphere that protects us from the harmful ultra violet rays. The ultra violet rays can cause skin cancer. Global warming is when too much clouro flouro carbons and carbon dioxide reaches the ozone and make holes at the ozone later. When there are holes in the ozone layer, the ultra violet rays can reach us.
Why should we stop these global warming?
The harmful ultra violet rays can cause skin cancer. So, if these global warming continues, more and more holes will be made, the small holes holes will get bigger and maybe there will be no more ozone layer. If there is no more ozone layer the ultra violet rays can go straight to us.
What causes global warming?
Global warming happens when the clouro flouro carbons and carbon dioxide reaches the ozone layer.
What can we do?
1.1.Stop using too much air-conditioner.
2.2.Do errands in one go.
3.3.Walk, cycle or share transportation.
4.4.Just use one refrigerator.
Please stop global warming if you care for your health.

7 thoughts on “Global warming”

  1. Dear Kashah,
    It’s true, I think we should stop using air-conditioner too much now cause its cold in these days. It’s good to walk and cycle too cause it’s a part of exercise. We should go do something in one go and we should make a list of what we’re going to do before going out.

  2. I shall also try to help by trying to not use the water heater as often as before… but please don’t stop me from burning the rubbish heap. I just love to see the fire dancing, the smoke curling and the warmth wrapping around me.

  3. Salam very good Aeshah! I am proud that you are conscious of the environment at such a young age! I too try to be vegetarian sometimes coz the marine animals are seriously declining. Also in here (Derry) one can hardly find organic halal lamb / chicken/ beef.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Dear T.Jehan,
      Thank you very much for visiting my blog. Anyway, the fishes are suffering living in the polluted water.


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