Playing with Dry Ice.

Yesterday,I played with dry ice. My mother and sister went to Baskin Robins to buy ice-cream. At Baskin Robins, they put dry together in the  paper bag (where they put the ice-cream) so that the ice-cream won’t easily melt. They put dry ice rather than the normal ice because normal ice will melt and the paper bag will be wet and torn. Dry ice do not melt. It will turn to gas.

When we reached home, my sister put hot water into bottle and put dry ice.  The hotter the water and the more dry ice, the more cloud came out. The cloud is actually carbon dioxide. When I put a funnel on the bottle, the cloud became thin. It looked like the choo-choo train. Next, we put a cylinder on the funnel. Clouds came out higher and thinner.

I hope I could play with dry ice again.


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