Air pollution

Air pollution is the air that has been polluted. Air is very important for life because if there is no air, there is no life. Living things needs air to breath. The air composites of 20.95% oxygen, 0.03% carbon dioxide, 78.09% Nitrogen, 0.093% Ardon and 0.02%of other inert gasses. If oxygen reduces to  16% there will be no more living thing on the Planet Earth.

Human activities, especially in the cities polluted the air. Such as the emmissions from factories,  the carbon monoxide from vehicles and transportation, the smoke from open burning or smoking and the CFC ( Cloro – Flouro – Carbons) from the refrigerator  and air- conditioner.

Air pollution causes global warming ( when the CFC reaches the ‘O’ Zone). Global warming causes and polar ice melting. Some islands  shrank and became smaller the water rises from the sea onto the island for example Singapore.

To prevent air pollution we should:-

  1. Walk, cycle or go for public transportation.
  2. Car pool or sharing.
  3. Do errands in one go.
  4. Fill up petrol at night to avoid smog.
  5. Reduce air- conditioner usage or don’t use air- conditioner .
  6. Use water-based paint.
  7. Do less barbeque or reduce using charcoal.
  8. No smoking.
  9. Planting more trees.

So, please stop polluting the air to protect our Planet Earth.

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