How To Make Ketupat Nasi (Rice Cake)

Ketupat nasi or rice cake is one of the most popular Malaysian traditional foods. What is so special about ketupat is; it can be eaten at any time of the day and in a lot of ways such as with rendang, satay, lontong, soto and so on.
To make traditional ketupat nasi can be rather difficult for a beginner especially to weave its casing. Well, one can buy ready made casings but they are very expensive. And it is always fun to weave the casings ourselves.
I used to find it very hard to weave ketupat casings. But I did not give up. Last, last Thursday, I gave it another try. It was very hard and confusing at first but at last I made it! And you can too but first you have to get some young coconut leaves to make the casing.
First weave the ketupat casing using young coconut leaves. Remember to clean the leaves before weaving them. Next, fill up half of the casings with rice and boil them in lots of water.
When they are cooked, cut them into cubes and serve them with rendang or anyway you want.
If you want your ketupat to be tastier, add some salt then your ketupat will be so tasty that you can even eat it just like that.
So, what I learnt from learning to weave ketupat casing is never to give up and always try and try again.


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