My school’s FAMILY DAY

8th November 2008 was my school’s very first FAMILY DAY . It was really fun. It was organized  by the students including me. We are called the committee members and we need to wear our committee members’ t- shirts. The t- shirts were painted by ourselves. We wore jeans and the same tudung or hijab. I was assigned as the PRO for the family day.

First, the doa was recited. Next, our school’s director (Teacher Nona) gave a welcoming speech. Later, we played a shadow play puppet shows in three languages: English, Malay and Arabic. The title of the plays were “The Beautiful Island”. I played the greedy and selfish cat in all of the three languages of the plays. The plays were very exciting.

Then, we played games lead by my friends Sister Dania, Sister Khadijah and Sister Maryam. We were divided into three groups, Green Team, Blue Team and Yellow Team. I was in Yellow Team. There were 7 games. Firstly, we played Treasure Hunt. Then, there was Flag Pick. Next, we played pop the balloon. Later, we played ping pong stick followed by water sponge, pass the balloon and 3 legged race. My group won the Treasure Hunt, the Flag Pick, the Pop The Balloon and the Water Sponge. We even won the grand prize. I enjoyed Treasure Hunt the most. The games were really fun.

Lastly, we had lunch but before that, each comittee memebers got a suprise present from Teacher Nona. I got a bracelet with hearts and a bell. It is very beautiful. This bracelet is so special and it means a lot to me.  I can still wear it until I am much older. It is really nice of  Teacher Nona to buy me such a special gift. I enjoyed the nasi lemak, spaghetti, coconut milk jelly and the special chocolate cake. The delicious cake was baked by Teacher Hafiz who is an excellent baker. Teacher Hafiz’s cakes are always beautifully decorated and taste really great.  I really enjoyed it very much and I hope we can organize another FAMILY DAY again.


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