We must take care of our cleanliness. This is our responsibility as a Khalifah of Allah. When we make ourselves clean we make ourselves good.

When we remind others to be clean and not throwing rubbish everywhere we help others to become good.

If we pick up rubbish and put them into the dustbin we help to keep the physical world clean and beautiful. This is related to pollution. There are land pollution, air pollution, sound pollution and water pollution.

To keep ourselves clean, we must take our bath, brush our teeth, wash our hands after going to the toilet and many others.

When we are clean we will also be healthy. For example, a boy was playing in the garden before lunch. He was all muddy by the time to have his lunch. Then he immediately had his lunch without washing his hands. That night he will have stomach ache. This is because his hands were dirty and full of germs.

So by being clean, we will be healthy. The world will be beautiful and our friends will like us because we are not smelly.


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