My Favourite Food

My favourite food is chili con carne. It is a Mexican food. I eat chili con carne with French loaf and butter. The late Brother Muhammad Al Mahdi said that my mother’s chili is the best chili con carne out of Texas. I also like other hot and spicy food but most of all, I love chili con carne.

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Food”

  1. Dear Ray Jr,

    Thank you for writing. Wow! I’m glad to know someone who loves chili as much as I do. Chili as the official food of planet earth? I’ll vote for it!

    I love chili and I really enjoy your blog. We live in Malaysia but we frequently travel to the USA especially to California and the Mid West.

    We were introduced to chili by our family’s beloved American friend, the late Professor John Charles Jenkins. He was another chili lover.

    He migrated from USA and lived in the Southeast Asia region and finally settling in Malaysia after becoming a Muslim. (His brief biodate here:

    Yes, that’s my photo taken in our National Zoo a month ago.

  2. Hello Aeshah,

    We are glad to know you like chili con carne so much. I think chili should be the official food of planet Earth. What do you think about that?

    Since you like chili so much, you might like to read our blog which is all about chili. The website address is . Let me know what you think if you take a look.

    Is that you in the picture with the elephant? If it is, where were you when that picture was taken? Do you live in Texas now? I am from Texas originally. I was born in Bryan, Texas.

    Bye for now!

    Chili Dog 2 (Ray Jr.)


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