My Silat Practice In Ramadhan

I learn silat in school. Silat is a kind of traditional Malay martial art. Usually I have silat practice every Thursday. We still practice Silat in Ramadhan but instead of Thursday, we now have our Silat practice on Tuesday. The schedule was changed so that we could go home early to get ready for Iftar.

Sparing with my younger sister, Anisah
Sparing with my younger sister, Anisah

The first time we practiced Silat in Ramadhan I felt okay and not thirsty at all even though I was fasting. I felt thank full that I didn’t feel thirsty at all.

The second time I felt the same as how I felt on the first time I practiced even though we practiced longer. We really exercised and learned a lot even though we were fasting.

The next time I practice my Silat skills while fasting I am going to make sure that I can do it.


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