The day at the zoo

On 27th August 2008, I went to the zoo for the second time. The first time I went to the zoo I was still a baby and I can’t remember anything about it. So now this will give a lot of memory.

Milky Storck
Milky Storck

First we bought our tickets from the ticket counter. We were the first to enter the zoo that day. Then we took a map so we would know where we were going. The first thing that I saw was the giraffes.  They were very, very tall. Then we saw a flock of Milky Stork in the lake. There were about four birds sitting, taking care of the other birds. They looked like teachers in a school and another bird sitting like a prefect. Then I


saw peacocks and also elephants. Too bad the peacocks didn’t open their beautiful feathers.

Next we went to the Bird Aviary. There were all kinds of birds. There were big and small birds. Later we went to see the tigers and lions. Firstly I saw the lions and then I saw the lioness. The tigers were a bit hard to be found because they were hiding. Then I saw the mouse deers, the kangaroos and the ostriches.

zebra, ostrich and antelope at the Savannah walk
zebra, ostrich and antelope at the Savannah walk

Later I went to the Savannah Walk. It was one of the largest concept exhibits in the zoo. We saw the antelopes, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and rhinos. It was one of the hottest spot in the zoo. After that we saw the tapirs. Then we saw the bears. The bears complex was located in the coolest spot in the zoo. It houses four types of bears; the Asiatic Black Bear, Brown Bear, Sloth Bear and Malaysian Sun.

Then we walked all the way to the Humboldt penguins. They were originate from the tip of South America. Then we went Multi-Animal Show. The animals

sun bear
sun bear

presenting were Sea lion, Macaques and Macaws. When the Multi-Animal Show was over we went to the places that we missed such as the Children’s world, the reptile park, leopards and pumas.

Before we went back home my siblings and I ate some ice-cream. It was so the delicous. I really wish that I can go to the zoo again next time.

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